Happy Hour from 8-10pm Friday & Saturday

With Dine In we are bringing back some happiness, yes Happy Hour is back! Yay we hear you all say, it will run from opening time at 8-10pm on both Friday & Saturday evenings and is 6 bottles of Tiger Beer for the price of 5 – a free beer! Or RM5 off a 5 shot Long Island Ice Bucket from 39 to 34 before 10pm, or RM10 off a  or off any full bottle of wine. Nice to have something to enjoy with dinner. And now 77 Bar is open till 1:30am, last drink orders 1am.

Our other 5 bottles buckets of beer include: Edelweiss, Heineken, Asahi, 1664, Guinness and Apple Fox Cider.
Our current wine list is: Red wine Wolf Blass Bilyara Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and our White wine is Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

We’ve had some great nights recently at 7 with customers making some noise!