New beers tested and Tiger Crystal was the winner!

Promo cards for 2 new beers to try

Not 1, but 2 new beer products were tested by drinkers in Seventy7 Bar. Firstly is a brand new Cold Filtered beer called Tiger Crystal. It is just being launched and we’ve got some of the first crates on Penang for you to try. It is a different process of beer making, made with a unique combination of hops, creating a fruity aroma and a delicate flavour. Best to taste it for yourself. We are selling it at RM15 in Happy Hour and RM20 normal price. That makes a bucket of 5 sell for RM60 during Happy Hour and RM70 normal price, which is a pretty good deal for this new premium beer. Cheers we say!

copy of newspaper articleSecondly not successful but we tried the new beer concept called Heineken 0.0%. Zero what? 0.0% alcohol is still a good idea but did not go down well with Seventy7 customers in general. That’s right there is no alcohol at all as they use the dealcoholisation process to remove the alcohol from this malted beer. So if you are driving, don’t take alcohol or are just wanting to pace your evening then try this alcohol free one.

We also sell special promotional beers 1664 Blanc from  French brewer Kronenburg  at RM22 or RM79 per bucket (minus RM10 per bucket in Happy Hour) and from Japan that distinctive dry beer Asahi also priced at RM22 or RM 79 for a bucket of 5 (minus RM10 during Happy Hour).

Many competitors don’t offer discounted buckets of beers, whereas 77 does and we give even more discounts if you buy 3 buckets! Ask the Barman for details per beer brand. We only  ever sell genuine beers. Also other bars don’t have the early evening Happy Hour rates for customers. It’s worth noting that our Happy Hour runs from opening at 7:00pm till 10:30pm every night, except on Event Nights and on or around some Public Holidays.