Jazz & Blues Sundays cancelled

Sadly we had to cancel our monthly Sunday Jazz & Blues Nights. As we are not going to be open on Sunday nights until after MCO ends can cant give a date when Jazz & Blues will recommence.

We successfully held our first Jazz night in February with a live Jazz Sax Player Yong Keong,  (see video below) Jazz goes so well with wine, or a cocktail. OK it goes with beer too. So we’re doing a Jazz & Blues Night every last Sunday evening of the month, starting at 9pm but the bar is open from 7pm! We’ll have extra special prices for wine and house cocktails as well as Happy Hour beer and wine prices till 10:30pm as usual. To avoid disappointment for any event we advise booking a table by e-mailing us on Seventy7bar@gmail.com or PM us on Facebook or ask the bar staff. Do follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest in show events and great fun promos.

Penang needs more culture so come and support us and help to make it work. For our inaugural event we will feature local Jazz here Yong Keong,

see him play via his YouTube page below

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in our Jazz & Blues Nights at Seventy7 we hope it can grow into a bigger event, but until then let’s just enjoy the music, energy and ambience that only Jazz and Blues can bring.