What’s your DJ name? It’s Playlist Takeover

Jukestar event montage

Now you can choose the music in Seventy7 bar from the entire Spotify catalogue during our Playlist Takeover Nights, powered by Jukestar Guest (see link below), the bar and party music app that allows guests at 77 to request music and to vote on other choices with free tokens issued straight to your phone. The good stuff gets played, the less good stuff gets skipped and no one can hog the playlist!

You can choose any of the songs on the entire Spotify catalogue from our bar tablet or if you are a regular and a real music lover you can go Jukestar Guest in to the AppleStore or Google Playstore and download it yourself for free, just use the links below. It’s free!

Click to download Jukestar Guest from Google PlaystoreJukestar logo

Click to download Jukestar Guest from Apple App Store

Then search for Seventy7 Bar party (the only one in Penang or maybe all of Malaysia) and ask staff for the password to be part of the fun and join the DJ’s tonight.  Don’t forget to give yourself a DJ name when you log in. Jukestar Guest gives you a number of free tokens to trade for songs and the number refreshes after a few minutes. So you cant pick too many songs at once. Then sit back, have a drink and wait for your favourite songs to play.