New cocktails menu big hit with customers

3 cocktails different coloured drinks

We have served Long Island Ice Buckets for a few years and they are very popular,  guys just love the taste and where else can you get 5 spirits – Vodka,  Rum, Tequila, Gin and Vodka Mix in one portion, served over ice topped up with Coke in a novel ice bucket for only RM32. Correct, no actual tea at all. It’s based on the old American classic the Long Island Iced Tea with a very local twist and quite a kick too. A very good way to start you evening with a bang.

With extra ingredients such as Triple Sec, Blue Bols and Grenadine the Seventy7 Bar staff have come up with some ingenious and tasty drinks that customers seem to love. There are now even more colourful variants that we are serving in a range once called Cocktail of the Month, which is gaining a reputation around the bars of Georgetown. Ask our staff to mix one up for you with your favourite flavoured liquor. As well as the Long Island Ice Bucket we have added Blue Boy, Green Dream, Red In The Bed and the most fun to watch being made and served is Purple Haze,which is not always even purple. You have to see and experience it to fully understand.

So all you need is as much colour as you can imagine then start drinking. Enjoy!