YES!!! freeflow Tiger Beer event held on Sat 22nd June

Tiger beer tower with promo text dates

staff filling beer towers on bar(updated, past event) What would you say to Freeflow of Tiger Beer for 2 whole hours? Say YES!!! That’s right we are announcing the first Freeflow Tiger Beer promo on Saturday night on 22nd June from 9pm-11pm at Seventy7 Bar.  If you want to take part entry price for this promotion is a cool RM55 per person only for FreeFlow participants, as 77 has a no cover charge policy and we will still have the full menu of beers, liquors and wines as usual and  Happy Hour still lasts till 10:30pm.

So keep this coming Saturday night free and until then try not to think about ice cool Tiger Beer too much and just be ready to say YES!!! on Saturday 22nd June – save the date and just say YES!!!  We are open from 7pm and you may reserve tables.

NEWS: Bonus we are adding German beer Paulaner into the same RM55 deal. So fancy Asian or European? Why not try them both, it’s your choice. Paulaner have brewed the highest quality beer since 1634. Paulaner is one of only six breweries who provide bier for Oktoberfest, the worlds famous German beer festival which attracts over 7 million thirsty visitors every year. Munich is a bit far to go for a beer, luckily you only need to come to 54 Jalan Chow Thye (map link).

4 beer towers on bar signs behindFollow up; this event was a big success with customers both old and new. We are so happy that many people came and had a good drink, many trying Paulaner for the first time, the majority went for Tiger Beer and at one stage we had 3 Towers full of ice cold Tiger. Guess what it all got drunk and much more. So thanks for coming guys and girls and let us know if you want another night like this using the contact form on the homepage or PM us through our Facebook page.